Multi-Level, and Stacked Crown Molding

Published April 8th, 2018 by Crownadmin

Want to make a HUGE impression?  

Instead of using one big piece of Crown Molding, use two or three smaller pieces to give it a more grandiose look, and feel even bigger than a single piece!  The largest moldings you'll find are between 10"-12", and they are VERY EXPENSIVE.  

Instead, you can use three 5" pieces of molding, or two 5" pieces and one 7" piece; creating a very regal look, and you'll SAVE MONEY, because you won't need to special order anything.  All these sizes come stock from our warehouses.  

This method is called "Stacking", "Tiering", and "Stepping".  It is very convenient for tall ceilings and your main areas above 12' tall.

Crown Kings Carpentry is always here to help!  We are decorative carpentry experts, and we are happy to spend as much time with you to help you find your design!

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