• Recessed Crown Molding For Lighting

    Out of all of the ways to use crown molding, one of the most noticeable ones is to place it at the bottom lip of a tray ceiling, or on a high area of a wall; without touching the ceiling, so that you can put light stripping behind it.  ...

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  • Archway and Curved Molding

    Is it possible to bend wood to create molding?  Of course it is!  But its very expensive because of what's involved.  It takes using solid wood, creating molds and jigs, and steaming the area being bent for hours.  One job was quoted at over $1000 per ...

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  • All Moldings turn a House into a Castle

    We don't only do crown molding at Crown Kings Carpentry. We also do casing, baseboards, wainscoting, door installation, and other carpentry projects. We do built-ins, benches, decorative walls, and just about anything else that will add simple wooden Elegance to your home. Today we did a double twin built-in, and ...

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